Crissy's Super Soaker Show


Topless Waitresses to serve drinks or food, play pool or generally socialize at your party/pub/event.


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Prices at the top of this page are for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast ONLY.
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Please accept  the performer that we choose to send to you on the night, whether or not your performer happens to be your preferred entertainer. 'Hot Girls and Hot Boys Strippers' display photos of staff on the website to show the quality of our staff.  All of our photos are of genuine staff however we cannot  100% guarantee a particular performer for your party.  We have hundreds of time slots to fill.  We need to send our performers to the jobs that best suit each performer’s schedules on the night  and so that we can ensure that each of our clients will get a performer. Please feel free to suggest a preferred perfomer, please do not demand a particular performer. We won’t lie to you. We offer a reliable service. Hotgirl  Strippers….our name is our virtue!  Our Female services and prices are listed at the top of the page. For our Male services and prices please scroll down to the lower half of the page.

Female Waitress

Party Girls $55 p/hr (2hr min) - $80/hr Sunshine Coast
Our Party Girl staff are available to promote expos,
trade shows and corporate events. You can even book
them to accompany you and your friends to the horse
races, cricket, football, private parties or clubbing etc.
Our party girls are not strippers/waitresses. Party
girls are clothed promo staff only.

Lingerie/Bikini Waitress $80 p/hr (2hr min) -$90 p/hr Sunshine Coast
Our girls are available to serve you wearing beautiful lingerie
or hot swimwear at Pubs, Clubs and Private Functions.

Topless Waitress $110 p/hr (2hr min) - $125 p/hr Sunshine Coast
Topless Waitresses to serve drinks or food, play pool or
generally socialize at your party/pub/event.

Topless Waitress Lapdance Package $520 (2 hours) 
2 Topless G-String Waitresses to serve drinks and
a special Full Strip Lapdance for the buck or nominated
party guest, performed by one of the Topless Waitresses.

Nude Waitress $170p/hr (2 hr min) 
A Nude Waitress for your stag and bucks parties, poker
party, boys night in, sports party or private corporate event.

Female Shows

G-String Strip $200 (15mins)
The G-string show is a perfect option for a coming of
age birthday such as an 18th or 21st birthday. It is a brief,
personalized lap dance style show.  The performer leaves her
knickers on for the entire show.  However the birthday boy and
your guests will see plenty of boob action.

Nude Closed Leg Straight Strip $220 (15mins)
Looking for the whole kit off but want to keep it tasteful?  Or do you
have male and female guests at your party and would prefer not to
offend the female guests?  This is the full monty without the
over exposure of the privates. No startling open leg.

Raunchy Oil and Cream Show $230 (15-20mins)
The most basic of the raunchy shows. The performer
strips off all of her clothing and performs with oils,
creams, glitters etc.Some open leg floor work.
So you really see it all.

Masturbation Show $270 (20-25mins)
Our Mas show is performed in different ways by our girls.
It is an open leg show with simulated acts of masturbation.
Some girls add lolly pops or pearls to their routine while
others prefer to let their fingers do the walking.

Dulux Vibe Show  $310 (30mins)
Full open leg work including 3 or more vibrators.
lots of dildo action. They may also use peals or lollie pops.
They will pull out your special person for their special attention.

Fruit/Vegie Show $360(30mins)
Open leg work, Oils, Creams, Dildos, Fruit and Veg.
The performer includes vegetable items such as cucumbers,
carrots or maybe bananas in her kit to be used as her
Sexy toys during the show.

Beer Bottle Show $400 (30mins)
The beer Bottle show includes open leg, floor work,
Oils, creams, vibrators and a beer bottle is incorporated
Into the show as a sexy toy.

Anal Show (VAG + ANAL) $550 (30 - 40 mins)
Only select girls are available to perform the
‘front and back’ show. You get all the usual dildo action
As well as some back door anal action.

Fist Show $550 (30 - 40 mins)
Only select girls are available to perform the fist show.
You can expect to see some hot toy action and watch
the girl’s fist disappear!!!!

Squirting/Anal and Fisting Show $600 (30 mins)
Watch one of our hotgirls strippers squirt her bodily fluid without the assistance
of liquid based products. She will also perform Fisting and Anal for you.
PLUS you get to see toy and fruit and veg action. This is the bucks party strip
show that you are not going to forget soon. IT"S JUST DOWN RIGHT DIRTY...and fun...
AND NAUGHTY...and fun.... call or email agent for names of several available girls.


Male Strip Shows Add $50 to prices for Sunshine Coast Male Strippers.


Male G-String Waiter $110 p/hr (2 hr min)

A  Male G-string Waiter to serve drinks/food and to
socialize at your hen’s party. No additional cost for Sunshine Coast
for male waiters as we have local coast guys available for waitering.

Hot Male G-string Show $220 to $240 depending on which Guy(10-15mins)

Providing the female guests and the special lady are up for it, the
performer will involve the girls in the show with some audience
participation,and some naughty sensual stroking of his chest or yours?
It is a hot  hands on show. designed to please you naughty girls.
G-string remains on.

Full Monty $270 to $290 depending on which Guy (10-15 mins)

The Full Monty show is for all the ladies to enjoy.     
A high impact floor show which also includes a personal lap dance
for the hen or birthday girl. Towards the very end of the show
the performer discreetly removes his g-string behind a towel.
He will approach the special lady and flash her the full monty!
The full monty is available to strictly female audiences only.

Hot Full Monty $310 (10-15mins)
The Hot Full Monty show is once again a show for all of    
the ladies to enjoy. A high impact routine that includes a
personal lap dance for the hen or birthday girl. The performer
will invite the special lady and the girls into audience participation.
Some naughty sensual stroking ? Do you like to touch or be touched?
Because this is a hands on show for your pleasure. The  male stripper
will approach the special lady and flash her the full monty!  He may
even flash the entire audience. The Hot Full Monty is available to
strictly  naughty female audiences only.


The 30 minute Special Male Strip Show $350 (30 mins)
Why should the blokes get all the fun with their 30 minute dirty girl
shows? Well now it's the girls turn for some hot and raunchy oil and
cream action. Maybe he'll include some strawberries and cream to get you
all whipped into a feeding frenzy or even ask you to lick some tequila
shots from his hard rippled chest. (gee not even the blokes are allowed
to do that!) The show format varies. The best part of this show is that it goes
for 30 minutes so you can take the time to savour this delicious show.
Your choice of  whether the g-string stays on or comes off. Performed by  Peter.



Ariana  Book Ariana for all your waitressing needs Gold Coast & Brisbane.




Book James for your next Hens night. He is fresh from Adelaide